• Anesthesiology, the medical specialty concerned with the pharmacological, physiological, and clinical basis of anesthesia, including resuscitation, intensive respiratory care, and pain management.
    Senior Dr. A. Kasat & Dr. Gyanesh Patidar are visiting Anesthesiologist.
    Dr. Bhagwati Raghuwanshi is full time anesthesiologist & in-charge of O.T. /C.S.S.D

Intensive Care (ICU) Services  

  • The Intensive Care Unit (ICU) is a unit in the hospital where seriously ill patients are cared for by specially trained staff.
  • Our ICU is specialised complete care unit for all types of critical, bed ridden & moribund patients. Our ICU has 24 hours board-certified specialist, well-qualified doctors, well trained nursing staffs & all latest equipments related to ICU critical care.
  • We have ventilators, BI/PAP machines, infusion pumps, bed-side monitors & central monitor with all emergency medications including Vasopressors, steroids cardiac – renal etc.
  • The ICU is also positioned in close proximity to the operating theatres and dialysis department.
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    Intensive Care Services

OT (Operation Theatre) Services

  • An operating theatre (also known as an operating room, operating suite, and operation theatre or operation suite) is a facility within a hospital where surgical operations are carried out in a sterile environment.
  • In Medicare, we have 5 well equipped operation theaters and one modular specially meant for joint replacement surgery, we do not do cardiac and transplant surgery. All other surgery are done in these OT adjoining is a separate CSSD department.
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    OT (Operation Theatre)

Neonatal Intensive Care (NICU) Services

  • Medicare Hospital has outsourced this facility to स्पर्श निओ केयर level-III, Advanced Neonatal and Paediatrics ICU, dedicated for intact survival of extremely premature babies & neonates born with underlying medical & surgical diseases.
  • There are 12 beds for intensive/high risk neonates, 4 beds for premature & very low birth wt babies with 3 beds for PICU & 3 bed for Mother care (Step-Down units).
  • We have advanced, high frequency ventilator, CPAP, bed side Sonography for brain & functional Echo.
  • 24 hrs Doctors available on duty with on call back up of Neonatologists & Paediatric intensivist.
  • Laparoscopic & minimal invasive surgeries for neonates & paediatric patients are available.
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    Neonatal Intensive Care Services

Labour Room Service

  • A hospital room where a woman in labour stays before being taken to the delivery room.
  • Our hospital has fully equipped labour room in the OT campus.
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    Labour Room

Blood Bank

  • A place where supplies of blood or plasma for transfusion are stored.
  • In Medicare Hospital, Blood bank Service where started 20 years ago & Service is available round the clock, shortly we will have component separate facilities.
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    Blood Bank

Pharmacy Services

  • A shop or hospital dispensary where medicinal drugs are sold.
  • Our hospital drug shop is available in ground floor, qualified pharmacist is available all the time.
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