Message from chairman

The Medicare Hospital & Research Centre provides value based medical treatment where the highest human qualities of empathy, compassion, dedication and sincerity are instilled. Medicare brings together state-of-the-art infrastructure, cutting edge technology, and a highly integrated and comprehensive information system, along with a quest for exploring and developing newer therapies in medicine

We have been faithfully serving the people of MP for the past 25 years & have been a part of the evolution of healthcare in indore,. Today, we have upgraded our facility to a 50 bedded Multi Specialty hospital, providing a quality healthcare experience to our patients. The paradigm of healthcare in our country as well as in indore, has undergone a significant change in the past 25 years. Healthcare industry, today, has moved ahead from a diagnose mentality to a preventive healthcare mentality.

The same ethos runs through our organization, with a vision of providing Multi Specialty Healthcare service of International Standards, built on expertise, cemented by trust & delivered with warmth and care. Today, we not only offer diagnostic/curative services but a gamut of services centered on wellness & preventive health solutions for all age groups.

What makes us different & carves out a niche for us is the fact that we are situated at the heart of the city, with renowned physicians  on our panel, the best of technology in medical care supported with a team of highly trained and compassionate staff.

I would like to sincerely thank everyone in blessing our efforts we solicit your wishes & support in making us the best in our league.

Dr. R. K. Lahoti (MS, FACS, FRCS)

Medicare was conceived as a dream; a dream to make healthcare AVAILABLE, ACCESSIBLE, AND ACCOUNTABLE to the community at large.

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